How User Experience (UX) fits within a SAFe environment

How User Experience (UX) fits within a SAFe environment

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Matt Kortering, a UX Specialist at Universal Mind, recently shared his experiences about SAFe in his blog post “How UX fits within a SAFe environment.” Matt is currently serving as a UX Architect for one of Universal Mind’s larger clients, along with several of his colleagues (over 8 UX team members). Originally, Matt and his team were skeptical about how UX would work within SAFe. The framework has guidance about UX but lacked the detail his team needed to feel confident in the agile “just in time” approach. Matt says in his blog post, “user experience is a big part of Universal Mind, so if we’re going to utilize SAFe, we need to make sure UX is done right.”

In his journey, Matt and all his colleagues became certified SAFe Agilist (SA) and ran a successful SAFe UX pilot. Thereafter, Matt and his client rolled out SAFe to five feature teams and learned why SAFe is better than traditional approaches; he now confidentially advocates using SAFe. Matt goes on to say “SAFe takes all the same players and steps that we’re used to within a Waterfall [UX] design process and fixes everything that’s wrong with it.”

Matt’s blog post is valuable; he openly shares the lessons learned by his team and provides tips on how to better integrate UX with SAFe, including a cool workflow diagram. We’re hoping to get Matt to turn his blog into a SAFe guidance article that could serve as a proven success pattern for UX design. Thanks for sharing Matt!

Remember SAFe is a scalable and adaptable framework. In addition to its practices, SAFe provides the fundamental lean-agile principles and values to help you adapt it SAFely to your context.

Continually inspect and adapt and always be SAFe!

Richard Knaster
Principal Consultant, SAFe Fellow, Scaled Agile Inc.


Universal Mind is a digital agency that specializes in the use of agile principles to create unique and engaging user experiences. Founded in 2003, Universal Mind is a Scaled Agile Inc. Silver Partner, and one of the largest independent digital agencies in North America.

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  1. Martin Burns

    17 May 2016 - 9:56 am


    Also start looking for outputs from the Leadership Retreat which had some super smart UX folk in attendance.

    • Richard Knaster

      17 May 2016 - 10:00 am

      Hi Martin:

      Thanks, I look forward to seeing the outputs from the SAFe Leadership Retreat!


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