Invitation-based SAFe implementation

Invitation-based SAFe implementation

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Howdy folks:

Yuval Yeret, CTO of AgileSparks, is an SPC and a SPCT candidate.  He is a prolific blogger on the topics of Agile, Lean, Kanban, SAFe and more. Yuval has over 17 years of industry experience and always has an interesting viewpoint and pragmatic advice. AgileSparks is a Scaled Agile gold partner.

Yuval has written a novel guidance article on how an invitation-based approach to implementing SAFe can create a more collaborative organizational change effort. The article describes ways to invite leaders and team members to understand SAFe, while decentralizing the timing and details of the change.  I found the following ideas to be particularly innovative and useful:

  • The implementation workshop
  • Invitation based ART launch
  • Self-selection of teams within an ART

Please let us know what you think about this approach, and feel free to share any similar ideas and techniques that you have successfully implemented, in the comments section below.

Thanks Yuval for sharing this approach with us. Please click here to read the article.

The team at Scaled Agile would also like to wish you a Happy and SAFe New Year!

—Richard and the framework team
SAFe Fellow and Principal Consultant

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Richard Knaster

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  1. Frank Schophuizen

    10 Jan 2017 - 7:46 am

    That’s a great article. Implementing SAFe is more difficult than you think and more difficult than the SPC4 training suggests. It’s about changing people, less about changing systems and organization. The article nicely illustrates how the principles of SAFe can be used to implement SAFe.

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