New Case Study: Kantar Retail sees major gains in Delivery, Finance, and Human Resources with SAFe

New Case Study: Kantar Retail sees major gains in Delivery, Finance, and Human Resources with SAFe

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“Our time to market is impressive for an enterprise solution. It’s a competitive advantage in the market that we can make major product changes every two months.”

Cédric Guyot, CEO, Virtual Reality at Kantar Retail

case-study-box-kantarHow do you deliver faster, retain top talent, and carve out a competitive advantage—all while spending less? For Kantar Retail Virtual Reality (KRVR), our latest case study, the answer was in deploying SAFe.

Working with clients such as Walmart, Target, and Unilever, KRVR’s virtual reality solutions enable realistic consumer research using virtual stores. When the company set out to develop a new VR solution in 2013, team members at the small company worried that a more formal approach could stifle ideas, but SAFe provided the framework the company needed while preserving creativity.

KRVR began their SAFe implementation with just six team members, and has now grown to 30, including all aspects of software delivery, QA, Scrum Teams, and UI/UX. They didn’t leave it at that. Today, they also have SAFe fully implemented on the Team and Program levels.

Practicing SAFe, KRVR brought the latest version of its product to market. Cloud-based Kantar Retail VR Infinity™ puts VR technology directly in the hands of users, and connects teams and customers to understand issues and opportunities quickly. What’s really valuable in this story is that Kantar Retail took the time to measure results across three spectrums: Delivery, Finance, and Human Resources. Their story is one of the better examples that highlights the across-the-board effect that SAFe can have on an enterprise. As you can see here, practicing SAFe made a big difference for Kantar Retail:

• Delivery of major releases down from 6 to 2 months
• Time to market decreased from 9 to 3 months
• Reduced time to respond to client feedback from 3 months to 1 month
• Greater predictability, which enhances client satisfaction

• 27.5% decrease in cost per epic

Human Resources
• 41% to 28% decrease in the attrition rate
• 36%-43% increase in team productivity due to clear job responsibilities and processes
• Easier talent acquisition and retention due to openness and transparency

Given those metrics, top management is fully behind SAFe. SAFe not only elevates internal team satisfaction and hiring; the sales team now brings the company’s time to market into conversations with prospects.

“We’ve adopted an enterprise framework for agility, the SAFe framework. We’ve been more consistent. We’ve been able to articulate a roadmap to the business and to our clients and deliver in time and in full, which is a really positive milestone..”

Eric Radermacher, Product Manager, Virtual Reality at Kantar Retail

Check out the company’s full case study here.

Many thanks to those who helped share KRVR’s SAFe story: Cedric Guyot, CEO; Dmytro Vavriv, PhD, Delivery Manager; Paul Gregory, CTO; Dmytro Tsybulskyi, Release Train Engineer; Eric Radermacher, Product Manager; and Timofey Yevgrashyn, SPC and Agile coach.

Stay SAFe!

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