New Case Study: SAFe increases employee satisfaction, provides hiring edge for censhare

New Case Study: SAFe increases employee satisfaction, provides hiring edge for censhare

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“Having a clear methodology and training in place has been very helpful when hiring people: Good developers expect a modern methodology. Being able to tell candidates that we take Agile principles seriously-by mentioning that we have trained and certified product owners and Scrum masters, and that we follow a clear Agile path-definitely makes a difference.”

Walter Bauer, CTO, censhare

case-study-box-censhareOur latest case study from censhare shows the value of getting management on board from the start. Based in Munich, the international software firm was not new to Agile principles, however, their experience was limited to local interpretations of Scrum. That approach worked to an extent when the company was small, but not as it reached 150 employees.

CTO Walter Bauer explored SAFe initially by attending Leading SAFe® training. Soon after, he decided to bring SAFe to the company to solidify Agile across the organization and prepare it for future growth.

With the support of Scaled Agile partner, Improuv, censhare followed the concept of ‘train everyone, then launch a release train.’  They started with a one-day workshop for executive management, then trained the Scrum Masters, and followed that with SAFe Product Manager/Product Owner certification for product management.

Before the first PI planning event, Improuv organized a training session that actually simulated the PI activities—a key to the eventual success of the first planning sessions.

After a successful rollout, the CTO points to a number of positive outcomes resulting from SAFe:

• Release of a new product version
• Greater alignment and transparency
• A common vision
• More team spirit and empowerment
• Enhanced employee satisfaction and hiring

In fact, Bauer reports that having SAFe even aids in hiring new developers.

Check out the full case study here.

Many thanks to Walter Bauer of censhare AG and Stuart Fish of Improuv for sharing their Agile story.

Stay SAFe,

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