SAFe from the Trenches at Agile Australia

SAFe from the Trenches at Agile Australia

Lessons from the Trenches

Hello everyone,

Context Matters – a Scaled Agile Gold Partner – recently invited us to cosponsor the 9th Agile Australia conference in Sydney. Partners Em Campbell-Pretty and Mark Richards, both of whom are SPCTs and SAFe Fellows, helped gather several executives from some of Australia’s most successful SAFe implementations for a roundtable discussion of the challenges and successes they’ve experienced ‘in the trenches.’ The comprehensive panel discussion has been posted to Em’s Adventures in Scaling Agile website.

Panelists came from several sectors, including banking, business software, public utilities, and government agencies. The discussion was rich in insights that I found particularly valuable. If you want to read about candid, unvarnished experiences from the trenches, it’s well worth the read.

Here are some of the topics they discussed with the audience:

  • Three factors that contributed the most to the outcomes they achieved with SAFe
  • Tailoring the Framework to the organization
  • The best approach to governance and funding
  • Why they chose SAFe
  • How they define Value Streams
  • How they enable their people to innovate and experiment
  • What metrics are used to calibrate the success of Agile Release Trains and SAFe overall

Please read the whole thing.

Stay SAFe!


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