5 Reasons to Consider SAFe

5 Reasons to Consider SAFe


5_reasons“Is SAFe right for my enterprise?”

If you’re tasked with answering that question for your organization, a recent article, “5 Reasons to Consider SAFe®” could be helpful. Written by Agile Coach, Josh Fruit (SPC) from Davisbase Consulting, (now part of Solutions IQ), the article highlights some of the bigger reasons to apply SAFe, and how it addresses many of the challenges of software (and now systems) development at scale.

Of course the most compelling reason to apply SAFe is to get the business results as reported in our fast-growing library of case studies. Being able to increase quality 50%, productivity 20–50%, or deliver 30–75% faster time-to-market, is why over 60% of US Fortune 100 companies have SAFe-trained practitioners. It’s not just because they’ve bought into the principles and values behind the methodology; it’s because they must find a way to respond more efficiently and effectively in today’s fiercely competitive global market.

Link to the article here.

Many thanks to Josh for providing this resource.

Stay SAFe!



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