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PowerPoint: Introducing SAFe® 4.6 for Lean Enterprises

Download Introducing SAFe for Lean Enterprises

The Introducing SAFe 4.6 slide deck is intended to promote the adoption and use of the Scaled Agile Framework to the benefit of the enterprises and individuals who apply it.

The Value of Using SAFe with Dean Leffingwell


SAFe 4.5 Executive Briefing with Dean Leffingwell

SAFe in 5 minutes. A short, informal introduction to SAFe with Inbar Oren

Leffingwell Interview – Part I: Insights and the future of SAFe

Leffingwell Interview – Part II: Impediments to implementing SAFe

Leffingwell Interview – Part III: The role of Projects and Project Managers in SAFe


Leffingwell Interview – Part IV: Q&A